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Washington County Pedestrian Accident LawyersThere are a lot of people who choose walking as a means of transportation in their everyday life. Moreover, every one of us is a pedestrian at least during one point of the day. However, being on foot on the road is not safe nowadays at all, since vehicles drive so close to the pedestrians, and get in car accidents that leave pedestrians seriously injured. A lot of the population has been injured or died due to traffic accidents. Our Appleton pedestrian accident lawyer can help you if you have been the victim of a pedestrian accident.

Our lawyers make sure to help the pedestrians avail their legal rights to get compensation for their losses and injuries they suffered in an accident on the road.

Wisconsin Pedestrian Laws

There are certain rules of the road in Wisconsin that all drivers must abide by for the protection of pedestrians. One of these rules includes a safe passage for pedestrians to cross the road. Moreover, pedestrians must make sure to walk on the sidewalk to avoid any accidents. However, must walk on the road’s left side in case there is no sidewalk.

Most of the time, the defendants use the defense that the pedestrian came out of nowhere, and the accident was inevitable. However, our experienced lawyers have managed to defeat this defense in the past by using strong arguments and establish that the accident occurred simply because the driver failed to pay proper attention when driving.

Who is at fault?

Determining the liability is not always easy in a pedestrian accident. While in some cases, it is usually the driver at fault completely, but there are other cases where the pedestrians would be at fault also. Since Wisconsin is a comparative fault state, therefore the potential fault of everyone who may have contributed to causing an accident must be considered. If the facts and circumstances of an injury incident support that the injured party is partially at fault, that could result in either a reduction in the damages that the injured party can recover or no recovery at all.

What damages can I recover after a Pedestrian Accident?

Under Wisconsin law, a person injured through the negligence of someone else is entitled to be fairly compensated with respect to all of his or her resulting injuries and damages. This includes compensation for:

  • Medical bills, including not only past healthcare expenses incurred for treatment related to an accident but also the amount of any future medical treatment a physician believes the injured person will need.
  • Lost wages including the sum of money that the victim would have earned in case the impairment had not occurred due to the accident.
  • Pain, suffering, and disability, including, in some cases, fair compensation for ongoing pain, suffering and disability that a physician will support the injured person will likely continue to experience over the remainder of his or her lifetime.

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Our lawyers at MacGillis Wiemer LLC are experienced in dealing with such cases, and ensuring that our clients get monetary compensation for their injuries due to a pedestrian accident. Furthermore, our lawyers can also handle wrongful death claims when pedestrians die due to the negligence of the driver. Contact us right away if you need legal assistance.