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Airplane accidents are among the most dangerous ways of transportation. They often end in serious injuries or even deaths, as well as property damage worth thousands or millions of dollars. Airplane accidents cause serious injuries whether they involve planes or helicopters, civilian or military aircraft, or private or commercial pilots. If you have been involved in an airplane accident, you should immediately contact a personal injury lawyer. Please contact our Madison plane accident Lawyers at MacGillis Wiemer, LLC as soon as possible.

What are Aviation Accident Cases?

The term “aviation accident” is defined precisely in Annex 13 of the International Civil Aviation Convention. Authorities in the United States and around the world have agreed on this definition. An aviation accident happens when a person is critically injured or passes away on an aircraft between the times of boarding and departing, or when the plane goes missing, according to this definition. Exceptions to this term include self-inflicted, inflicted by others, or natural causes of injury or death. Flights in which the aircraft experiences damage or fails to function properly are also termed accidents.

Common Causes of Madison Airplane Accidents

The following are the most common causes of aviation-related injuries and death among both commercial airlines and private aircraft disasters:
Human error is the most common cause of airplane accidents, causing more than half of all instances. This includes errors made not only by the pilot and crew during the flight, but also by maintenance workers, during plane inspections, and while fueling the plane.

  • Encounters with unforeseen weather systems can cause accidents and typically result in human and/or mechanical errors.
  • Mechanical failure, including flaws in the airframe. One in every five airplane accidents is caused by this. A failure might occur due to an airplane’s equipment, the aircraft itself, or a particular part. In some circumstances, a mechanical fault is the only cause of an accident, however, in many others, a combination of mechanical and human error is to blame.
  • Navigational errors, such as incorrect radar data provided by Terminal Radar Approach Control facilities, or TRACONs, follow and direct planes from just outside the range at which they are visible from the tower (approximately 5 miles) to 40 or 50 miles.

Determining Liability for an Aviation Accident

Human mistake is a major contributor to airplane accidents, in particular. Often, the accident is caused by pilot error or a mistake made during bad weather. Other people, such as a technician or an air traffic controller, may be to blame. If you are involved in an airplane crash, we will assist in conducting a thorough investigation, including collaborating with state and federal authorities to discover if the pilot or another individual was at fault. However, the accident could not have been caused by a single person’s negligence or recklessness. We can also assist with airplane accidents caused by mistakes, poor maintenance, and system failures.

We will try to determine which individual or company is ultimately responsible for compensating you. Legal and financial liability may be shared by several people, including:

  • Pilot
  • Airplane┬áowner or airline
  • Airplane┬ámaintenance provider
  • Air traffic control
  • Airplane┬ádesigner
  • Manufacturer of parts or craft

What Not to Do After an Airplane Accident?

As our Airplane Accident Lawyers will explain, you should never accept a settlement with the airline or its insurance company, no matter how reasonable it appears, unless you have first obtained the opinion of an expert airplane accident lawyer. The airline and its insurance have powerful Lawyers looking out for their best interests, which is why you should have powerful Lawyers looking out for yours.

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An Airplane crash can have disastrous consequences. You may have suffered serious or catastrophic injuries that have changed the path of your life. You and other families may have experienced the loss of spouses, parents, children, and siblings. If you find yourself in this situation, you should allow yourself to process the loss and spend time with family and friends. You most likely do not want to think about your legal claims. Your right to compensation, on the other hand, cannot be ignored.

Whether you are injured or have lost a loved one, you will require financial recovery to carry on with your life. Contact MacGillis Wiemer, LLC to hire a legal team to handle your insurance claim and legal procedures so you don’t have to.