Retirees File Law Suit Over Health Care Benefits, Attorney Chris MacGillis Takes The Case

The phrase, “vague, indefinite, and subject to multiple interpretations” is used hundreds of times in the city’s responses to three lawsuits filed by former employees over changes to their health care benefits.

The Racine City Council approved sweeping changes to city employees’ and retirees’ health care benefits last fall which led to 352 retirees filing claims with the city over those changes, stating they had a contractual right to the same benefits they received when they retired. The Racine City Council voted in July to disallow those claims.

On Aug. 20, Attorney Christopher MacGillis, of MacGillis and Wiemer of Wauwatosa, filed the three complaints which are practically identical aside from the group of retirees listed; one case is on behalf of Racine Fire and EMS retirees; another on behalf of Racine Police Department retirees; and the third for retired members of AFSCME Local 67, which represents Public Works and other city employees.

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