Milwaukee Property Division Attorney


We have experienced trial lawyers who pride ourselves on our meticulous preparation and attention to detail. We use the latest technology to provide a high level of support to our clients and to minimize our use of paper and other resources so that we can reduce our environmental footprint. We offer pragmatic, effective and creative solutions to marital property disputes.


Wisconsin is one of 10 states in the country that employ a community property approach to divide the debts and assets of a marriage. Under the Wisconsin law, all property obtained and debt incurred during the course of your marriage is considered community property and must be divided equally, with some clearly stated exceptions. This includes real and personal property, financial accounts, retirement and pension plans, and business interests.

When you hire us to help you distribute marital property and allocate responsibility for marital obligations, we will work closely with you to put together an accounting of all of the property and debts of your marriage. We will then identify those items brought into the marriage, sometimes categorized as separate property. We will also verify whether there are other items that are exempt from the community property laws, perhaps gifts or inheritances.

Because of our experience, we know that the division of assets can quickly become complicated. Disputes can arise regarding the value of certain property, as well as its designation as community or separate property. We will bring in experts, when necessary, to obtain fair market values on any property within the marital estate. We are particularly skilled at taking the complex calculations that are often a part of the division of marital property and communicating them to you and to the court in ways that are compelling and easy to understand.


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