Hartford Construction Site Accident Lawyer

Construction is among the most significant industries in Wisconsin even though the profession is extremely dangerous. Although several workplace safety standards that safeguard the safety and health of workers in construction sites are usually put in place, these standards are usually neglected with the aim of saving money and time. This usually leaves construction workers at a higher risk of accidents and injuries which could have been prevented by sticking with the appropriate preventive measures.

Our professional Wisconsin-based construction site accident lawyers in Hartford can provide the assistance you need to get fair compensation for the damages, lost wages, medical expenses, suffering and pain, as well as any other expenses caused by the injury. Our lawyers will collaborate with you for a proper analysis of your case and develop strategic litigation that will protect your interest and fit your requirements.

Establishing Liability in Accident Case on a Construction Site

It is the responsibility of the employers to provide a safe working environment for their employees, according to the premises liability theory. Most construction companies emphasize safety training, but severe injury and fatal accidents continue to occur. Many of these accidents are caused by incompetent staff and high turnover.

If a safe environment and adequate training are not provided by a company, such a company can be held responsible for any wrongful death claim or personal injury case in case of a serious construction accident. Other parties can also be held responsible for damages for design errors, manufacture defects, or equipment failure.

Examples of those who can be held responsible for damages are:

  • Construction company
  • Supervisor or site foreman
  • Equipment/tools manufacturer
  • Subcontractor, Careless employee or any other individual.

You are eligible to be compensated for the injuries and damages you have experienced.

Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation benefits and a lawsuit can be filed against the party that is different from the injured employee’s employer, whenever injuries are sustained in the construction site. These benefits are usually different from the two kinds of claims. We advise any injured individual on a construction site to reach out to us for proper analysis to determine if the injured victim is eligible for benefits that exceed the Worker’s compensation.

Any employee that sustains an injury on a construction site will probably be eligible for Workers’ compensation benefits. A third party might also be held responsible for the injury depending on the situation that surrounds that case.

When can I file my construction accident lawsuit?

Individuals who are involved in accidents on construction sites can sustain serious injuries that could need instant medical care. This can result in a significant amount of medical expenses that can accumulate rapidly. Considering that time is a main financial issue, an injured individual should file a compensation claim as soon as possible. Although an individual might want to take enough time to consider all their options legally, it is important that a claim is filed within three years of the incident according to the statute of limitations in Wisconsin.

Employ the services of a construction site accident lawyer in Hartford, WI

Please reach out to any of our Wisconsin-based lawyers for assistance in filing your claim if you sustained an injury during a construction site accident.