Testimonials from Clients

“Chris was on the ball with filing suit, following up with info gathering, filing briefs, negotiating with the

other attorney. Very knowledgeable in civil law, listened to my wants, and advised me of potential

outcomes and pitfalls. Everything he did was timely and appropriate for this case, and he kept me

advised of the status at every turn. I have already recommended him to others based on his attorney

client relation skills, and will continue to send business his way. This case ended with an agreement, and

I couldn’t be happier with the outcome! Thanks, Chris, for a job well done!”

“It’s easy for people to use these forums when they have had a bad experience. I know this from

my personal experience with previous council. I also want to take the time to commend my

current and hopefully always future council Graham Wiemer, I came to him with a messy divorce on

my hands I was in over my head, had terrible previous legal advice and true to his words he has dug me

out of this hole and done so quicker then promised. His knowledge, honest no bs approach has brought

me and my son back together and we are both eternally grateful. He responds timely And with

excellent thought to what are very emotional topics to me with a foresight that’s astute and keeps a

client on the right track. My divorce is not over yet but my sleepless nights are and I have faith

again in the system. He also gets it to what it means to be a good dad and we have rights to.

Thank you, Graham.”

“Attorney Wiemer was very successful in the final outcome of my case. He worked hard to become

familiar with the broader context and the history of the case as well as key, specific concerns I had.”

“I (TS) am a law enforcement officer that was up for termination and had to go in front of

the Personal Review Board. I had a very tough case as I violated several policies and

rules. The deck was stacked against me. I chose to use Chris MacGillis as my attorney to

represent me. His arguments throughout the hearing showed how prepared he was. He

won the case and I got my job back! As I sit here today and type this review, I couldn’t be

happier with how he represented me. Chris is a top notch attorney and a true professional!”

“Graham is extremely knowledgeable and truly cares about his clients. His human touch in an

extremely difficult time made a huge difference and helped me to move on in a positive way. I highly

recommend Graham to my friends & clients. They are always happy with his expertise and guidance.”

“I have only great things to say about Chris. He assisted me with my duty disability and treated me with

respect. Chris provided me with a professional yet family friendly representation throughout the entire

process. His knowledge of the law and procedures for filing the paperwork were Outstanding!!!!”

“Divorces are known to be difficult, and mine especially was. I am thankful to have had an

experienced attorney who explained every step of the process to me. Graham helped me understand

how and why things were happening.”

“Chris is an excellent lawyer. His law firm has obtained significant results for our members. He is

dedicated, a fighter, and unafraid to pursue justice. He keeps us informed and up to date on all matters.

I strongly recommend Chris and his team.”

“I had a great experience with Graham Wiemer as my attorney. He was very knowledgeable and

kept me advised of all important issues in my case. He’s a good communicator and kept on

top of my case.”

“Chris MacGillis was straightforward and understanding right from the time I first consulted with him.

This was one of the hardest things I had to deal with in my life and Chris was reassuring and consoling

during the trying time. Chris was aggressive and professional and resolved the situation quickly and


“I really needed legal help with my situation and was thankful for having such a competent legal

team working on my behalf ! Meticulous in preparation, quick thinking during litigation, and

realistic on expectations. Highly recommend their legal services when you need someone good !!!”

“From where my case started out I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of the case. The results were

positive and beneficial to me and my family. Chris always listened to the impact this situation was having

on my family and gave us honest advice and guidance in making good decisions.”

“I think one of the main reasons that working with MacGillis Wiemer was so successful was twofold, first

Chris was always willing to listed from the first time we talked and I never felt like he was trying to hurry

the conversation and not listen. Second, I think Chris’s knowledge of the law is exceptional and because

of that he was always one step ahead in this case.”

“Without hesitation! As matter of fact I already have. A very good friend of mine found himself in a

similar situation and he called me for guidance. The first thing I did was give him MacGillis Wiemer’s

contact information and told him to contact MacGillis Wiemer as soon as possible.”

“I can’t express how much I am grateful to the professionalism and compassion that I received from all

the staff I worked with at MacGillis Wiemer, LLC during my case from inception to resolution. In many

ways I feel a bond and friendship with Chris MacGillis and if I ever needed legal assistance again

MacGillis Wiemer would be my first phone call.”

“Chris MacGillis is a wonderful attorney. He was always honest and told me what he thought my best

options were. He always returned phone calls, emails and any questions of concerns promptly. He kept

me up to date with the progress and direction my case was going in. Even now after my case has been

settled, if I have any questions he still responds in a timely matter.”

“Divorce isn’t an easy choice in life, but Graham Wiemer was very supportive, and an excellent

communicator and guide.”

“From the moment I sat down across the table from him I knew he was going to be hired!

He was very professional, he made me feel comfortable with him and his abilities to get the job done!

And so far he has proven himself to be a very respectable lawyer, who is upfront, realistic, prompt,

and prepared!”

“Graham helped me with my divorce. He was very caring, and listened to my concerns.

He was very knowledgeable of Wisconsin law. Thank you Graham for a job well done! I

received primary placement of my girls and the child support and maintenance I greatly

needed. I would highly recommend Graham Wiemer!”